What Happens When You Meet Your Muse?

You want to write...

but wrestling your muse in the dark is intimidating.

Let's challenge that statement right up front.

If you really want to write, you can't let anything intimidate you. Writers do it every day. I know single moms who believed in themselves and their writing and now support their families on their writing.

Yes. You can do that too.

I'm going to show you how. In under two hours.

Get ready to have the way you think about writing change (for the good) forever.

PS: Don't let the fact this course is short fool you. There's a lot of information packed inside. You have a muse. She is awesome. And she's tired of being ignored.

Below is a downloadable list of example influential childhood books to get you started brainstorming yours. There's a worksheet to fill in with the books that call to your muse, and their tropes, themes, and important elements.

Download and fill out before you move on to the next video.

Influential Childhood Books.pdf
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